In memoriam
Ralph Chatham, Ph.D. Oct 15, 1948 - May 18, 2013

I attended Ralph's wake today. As I went in I was sad thinking about his passing and that I would not get to enjoy his company again through is attendance at our Beer Storming sessions. Then as I experienced the people who came to celebrate his life and the blessing of having known him, I realized that the wily Ralph had done something very extraordinary, as was the case with most of his endeavors. Ralph has managed to transcend the confines of his brain and the finality of life by creating lasting and notable memories in our brains. He is still with us! He lives among us collectively. We each hold a portion of his life, ideas, thoughts, and acts kindness that are fibers in the tapestry of his life. As I listened to his family, friends, and shipmates share their stories, I smiled. There was Ralph living within us, and among us.

Ted Kaehler
A fellow Beerstormer.